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Trained Professionals

PMI only employs trained and licensed security guards who are certified* by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. We are committed to hiring responsible individuals who demonstrate strong moral integrity and possess deep care and concern for our clients. We aim to provide top quality security services and our dedicated security guards are a prime reason for our success.

Licensed Security Guards

*As per the Security Guard Act of 1992, all of our guards have successfully completed the state mandated coursework. In addition, our armed guards have successfully completed the mandatory 47 hour firearms course, which includes seven hours of classroom instruction in the Use of Force followed by a written examination, and 40 hours on the firing range followed by weapons qualification.

Introduction to The Company

  • Program goals and objectives
  • Company policy and regulations
  • Complete tour of each Post
  • Overview of specifications
  • Employee/Visitor Customer Service
  • PMI Expectations
  • Group Training
  • Safety Procedures
  • Work schedules, shifts and breaks
  • Employee Right to Know
  • Specific task preparation requirements
  • Procedures and methods
  • Payroll rules and regulations
  • Drug Testing/Pre-Employment

PMI’s Training School

  • 8 hour Pre- Assignment
  • 16 hour In-service
  • 8 Hour Annual
  • Homeland Security enhanced security guard training

To ensure that our personnel are always prepared PMI has instituted the following in our training program:

  • Orientation training
  • Basic officer training
  • Post order training
  • Post order testing
  • Job specific training

Pre-Employment Background Check

Through an in-depth interview and application process we verify that all potential employees have the following minimum requirements: High School Diploma or equivalent, valid driver’s licenses, United States citizenship, no history of alcohol or drug abuse. PMI conducts back round check investigations in the following areas: Employment history, Criminal history, Personal References, Military duty.

PMI Security

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This business licensed by New York State Department of State

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